Benefits of Attending Ivy League Schools

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Ivy League schools are a group of eight universities defined by their membership in the collegiate athletic conference. The ivy league schools include; Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, and Pennsylvania. They are the world’s most competitive universities not only because of their athletics but the renowned academics and prestige. If you get an acceptance to an Ivy League, it’s worth attending.

Access to Resources

One of the advantages of attending an Ivy League is the unlimited resources for research and other studying materials from the most brilliant minds in the world. You get access to learning materials from professors who are well-educated, experienced, and passionate about the relevant topics and issues.

The professors are expected to research particular topics to further studies for the university. This simply means that in the top universities such as Harvard or Princeton the professors should generate new theories for the students. They give the best of the best research and information students can possibly get.

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Ivy League universities have been around since the 1700s hence they have plenty of influential alumni. The power of the alumni network is everything, the network consists of all graduates from the same university. Alumni relation is very important especially when it comes to graduates looking for jobs. After graduation, you are equipped with a world-class education, and not only that, you are part of an elite group of graduates.

Ivy Leagues are known for their strong and welcoming relation, staying in touch with the alumni can greatly impact your future career. For internships, students can make use of the network to get contacts for world-renowned companies.

Great Career Paths

The valuable Ivy League education can give you an opportunity in the competitive career field such as finance, law, business consulting, medicine, etc. World-leading companies know that Ivy League schools produce some of the top students that is why most companies skip the middlemen and hire directly from the Ivy

League graduates list. According to the job statistics, of the 114 Supreme Court Justices in the US half of them attended an Ivy League University. It is not surprising that all the nine justices attended either Yale or Harvard University. In the CNN top 100 startup list, 34 of them went to Harvard.

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Jobs Statistics In Future

An Ivy League degree is so valuable according to a study conducted by the US Department of Education. It was found that after enrolling in a program of four years, the expected average salary is $59124 in a year. This is a pretty good score for a starting salary. In addition to having a college degree, statistically, an Ivy League degree increases the salary even more.

Students attending university in the Ivy Leagues have a high chance of securing well-paying jobs in the future, with a salary more than the average. It is said that graduates from Harvard University make more money compared to graduates from other colleges.…

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