Benefits of Attending Ivy League Schools

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Ivy League schools are a group of eight universities defined by their membership in the collegiate athletic conference. The ivy league schools include; Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, Brown, Dartmouth, and Pennsylvania. They are the world’s most competitive universities not only because of their athletics but the renowned academics and prestige. If you get an acceptance to an Ivy League, it’s worth attending.

Access to Resources

One of the advantages of attending an Ivy League is the unlimited resources for research and other studying materials from the most brilliant minds in the world. You get access to learning materials from professors who are well-educated, experienced, and passionate about the relevant topics and issues.

The professors are expected to research particular topics to further studies for the university. This simply means that in the top universities such as Harvard or Princeton the professors should generate new theories for the students. They give the best of the best research and information students can possibly get.

ivy league schools


Ivy League universities have been around since the 1700s hence they have plenty of influential alumni. The power of the alumni network is everything, the network consists of all graduates from the same university. Alumni relation is very important especially when it comes to graduates looking for jobs. After graduation, you are equipped with a world-class education, and not only that, you are part of an elite group of graduates.

Ivy Leagues are known for their strong and welcoming relation, staying in touch with the alumni can greatly impact your future career. For internships, students can make use of the network to get contacts for world-renowned companies.

Great Career Paths

The valuable Ivy League education can give you an opportunity in the competitive career field such as finance, law, business consulting, medicine, etc. World-leading companies know that Ivy League schools produce some of the top students that is why most companies skip the middlemen and hire directly from the Ivy

League graduates list. According to the job statistics, of the 114 Supreme Court Justices in the US half of them attended an Ivy League University. It is not surprising that all the nine justices attended either Yale or Harvard University. In the CNN top 100 startup list, 34 of them went to Harvard.

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Jobs Statistics In Future

An Ivy League degree is so valuable according to a study conducted by the US Department of Education. It was found that after enrolling in a program of four years, the expected average salary is $59124 in a year. This is a pretty good score for a starting salary. In addition to having a college degree, statistically, an Ivy League degree increases the salary even more.

Students attending university in the Ivy Leagues have a high chance of securing well-paying jobs in the future, with a salary more than the average. It is said that graduates from Harvard University make more money compared to graduates from other colleges.…

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Five Study Area Essentials For College Students


For some, preparing for college can give you the adrenaline rush due to the fact that you will experience being more independent, or even living on your own. However, on top of all that excitement and thrill comes the heavy responsibility of balancing your social life and earning good grades. You will soon realize that college work is way more intense compared to high school, which means you will need all the necessary supplies to help you survive.

This might also help encourage you to study creatively and find a study habit that works for you.

No matter how small your dorm or room is, you will need a study area, the one which does not include your bed. This is important because allotting a space specifically for studying helps to condition your mind and focus on your work. You cannot deny that reading in bed will only lead you into sleeping and waking up the next day unprepared. Here are the study space essentials:

Large Calendar

This will help you plot your important dates, deadlines, and events. You should have a huge one, preferably the one you can hang on your wall, to remind you of important things even as you simply walk around your dorm. To add creativity and productivity, you can use colored stickers to label events, deadlines, holidays, etc. Assign one color to each event to help you remember it easily.

Pen Holdercolor

Of course, you have to keep your desk organized to help you focus on your studies. Aside from pens and highlighters, you should include school supplies such as scissors, glue, and stapler. You might not need them now, but trust me, you will eventually.


Every college student should have post-its. Although not everyone is fond of using these tiny pieces of paper, it could be really helpful once you get used to it. You can use it in a lot of ways — for a quick reminder or to-do list, to mark a book, or to simply document what you have in mind. You can also use it to cover parts of texts on your book as a study guide. The best thing about this is you won’t peel off the paper beneath the post-it.


Aside from the calendar, having a corkboard or bulletin board is one creative way to remind you of your goals. You need to have pins and bullets with you though. You can use this corkboard to pin up pictures of your family and loved ones and remind you that you are doing all these for them and yourself. You can also pin images of your goals and what you want to achieve in life to help you keep going.

Index Cards

According to studies, you retain more information when you actually write down notes using your own words while studying. These index cards can serve as your mini notes or flashcards when studying for exams and preparing for recitations.…

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The Significance of Studying English

study English

English is a universal language spoken by billions of people from various parts of the world. Those from non-English speaking countries may find some difficult time conversing in this language. This is something that can make them miss out on most opportunities and discussions. You should not worry because you can enroll in schools offering courses in this language.

Doing so will help ensure you can speak it fluently without a struggle. You will find schools that can help get you ready for IELTS. IELTS is the test you will sit for at the end of the course to measure your understanding of this language. You should look for the best school that offers quality education. To pick the best, you must look at its accreditation.

online learningThe institution you choose should have proper certification from the relevant education bodies within your area. Something else you need to factor in is their fees. You can start saving early if you want to get the best institution offering quality education. If you are applying as an online student, then get to know their schedules to find out if it will be convenient for you. There are lots of benefits you will enjoy when you study the English language. They include:

Increased Employability

You will be more marketable in the job market. if you are fluent in English. Those who come from countries that don’t speak English as their native language stand to benefit a lot. You can land jobs in most airlines and the tourism and hospitality industry where you will have an easy time communicating with tourists from other nations that speak English. How about you enroll for courses in this language to increase your employment potential.

Easy Interaction

You will have a smooth time interacting with people from different corners of the continent if you can speak this language fluently. English is spoken in different parts of the world. You don’t have to look for a translator when you traverse the continent because you will understand everything during your interactions.

Immigration Benefits

English bookSwitching your nationality is something you may want to do at one point in life. Countries like the United States usually consider your English proficiency before granting you full citizenship. Being good in this language will be more of an added advantage when you want to change your nationality. You should enroll in an English course and enjoy all these benefits.…

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