Wednesday, July 12

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APA Amphitheatre

9:30-10:15 (Amphitheatre)

Lecture on Kodaly Concept

An expert on Kodaly teaching concept, Gulyas Csilla will give a lecture on how to teach beginners - an almost new approach in harp pedagogy

10:30-11:30 (Amphitheatre)

New Music

Chen-Yu Huang with Formosa Trio and Wenghao Wang(zither) will present works by Jing Zhou, Ashley Fu‐Tsun Wang, and Chun Ting Pang, that fuse both western and eastern musical culture.

The Myriad Trio-comprised of Julie Smith Phillips (Harp), Che-Yen Chen (Viola), and Demarre McGill (Flute), The Myriad Trio presents “The Eye of Night” by David Bruce.

11:45-12:45 (Amphitheatre)

Stolen Gems: The Art of Transcription

Victoria Drake will be presenting a series of her own transcriptions on the Harp. A discussion on choosing pieces by various composers for transcription will take place.

14:15-15:15 (Amphitheatre)

The Harp in the Kingdom of Naples

Gabriella Dall'Olio and Sara Simari will introduce this illustrious and little known but fundamentally important chapter of music making around the harp, focusing in XIX century, the golden time of the great Neapolitan school, the 'musicanti' and the great international virtuosos.
A musical feast in words, images and sounds. Music by Donizetti, Rossini, Longo, Caramiello

15:30-16:45 (Amphitheatre)

International Winners Performance

Come see the First Prize Winners of the Israel International Harp Contest (Yuying Chen) and USA International Harp Competition (Katherine Siochi) perform!

16:45-17:45 (Amphitheatre)

WHC General Membership Meeting

A lucky draw will be held and the winner will enjoy a three-year membership of WHC for free!

APA Concert Hall

9:15- 11:30 (Concert Hall)

Focus on Youth
  • Hirai Nanako
    Japan 19yrs
    1. Mozart Variations by Glinka
    2. Sonatina by Natra
    3. Introduction and Allegro by Parish Alvars

  • Lise Vandersmissen
    Belgium 20yrs
    1. Fantaisie by Spohr
    2. Illustration of Italian poetry by Parish Alvars
    3. Theme and Variations by Sancan

  • Claire Thai
    USA 17yrs
    1. Carnival by Godefroid
    2. Viejo Zortzico by Guridi
    3. Ballade by Salzedo

  • Noa Gabay
    Israel 19yrs
    1. the Moldau by Smetana
    2. Hebrew songs by Natra
    3. Dance du Moujik from Images by Tournier

  • Danielle Nam
    USA 15yrs
    1. Fantaisie by Grandjany
    2. Whirlwind by Salzedo
    3. Sonata in A by Scarlatti
    4. Absidioles by Andres

11:45-12:45 (Concert Hall)

Orchestra Mock Audition (final round)

14:15-15:45 (Concert Hall)

Masterclass by Ayako Shinozaki on the music of Takemitsu

  1. Towards the Sea III, Jyuri Saito (harp) and Bob Hui (flute)
  2. And then I knew ‘twas wind, Katri Tikka (harp), Bob Hui (flute)

16:00-16:45 (Concert Hall)

Gwyneth Wentink, Wouter Snoei and Arnout Hulskamp present In Code, an audiovisual performance of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ for harp, electronics and visuals.

APA Studio Theatre

9:15-10:30 (ST)

Paper Presentation- Contemporary Harp Research

Mario Ruiz Armengol: The Complete Works for Harp- Guadalupe Corona will present his research on Mario Ruiz Armengol exploring the historical context of Mexico in which the pieces were written.

Chromatétude for solo lever harp: towards an wider harmonic landscape- Anne- Marie O’Farrell will present her new piece “Chromatétude” written for the lever harp. She explains how elements combine to form a harmonic language rarely heard on the harp.

Fable- Jacinta Dennett will discuss the preparation of the score for performance of the composition “Fable”, written by Helen Gifford in 1966. Dennett is developing an epistemology after the model of a fable, in which discovery is self-initiated rather than delivered.

10:45-11:30 (ST)

Masumi Nagasawa will present a lecture concert on the 'Single-action pedal harp’.

11:45-12:45 (ST)

Competitions organizers, judges and winners (Susann McDonald, Linda Wood Rollo, Jason Chang, Kaori Otake, Yuying Chen, Katherine Siochi) form a panel to discuss topics related to competition-How to prepare for competitions; How to deal with potential injury due to excess of practice; How to deal with loss in competitions, etc.

14:15-15:15 (ST)

Asian Highlight-Korea

Kyo-Jin Lee; Ar-Rim Kim; Kihwa Lee/Seung Hyun Ahn will present traditional to contemporary Korean music.

Jockey Club Auditorium, Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Tribute Concert to Mr. Victor Salvi

Catherine Michel, Magali de Coster, Alessandra Magrini and Alisa Sadikova will tell the story of Victor Salvi’s life, through the music he loved.


Pop & Jazz Concert

Featuring acclaimed jazz harpist Park Stickney and Chinese Erhu master GuoGan, redefining the concept of The West Meets the East.

Grammy nominee Deborah Henson-Conant ("DHC") together with Shelley Fairplay and Nicole Mueller will amaze the audience with their dazzling performance.


23:00-24:00 (Mirage at Renaissance Hotel)

Late Night Jazz

Marcella Carboni (Electroacoustic Harp) and Max De Aloe (Chromatic Harmonica) will be jammin’ all night for the Late Night Jazz performance!