Participation Scholarship

WHC Participation scholarship

We are pleased to announce the availability of WHC participation scholarship to those HK Harp students who wish to participate the World Harp Congress 2017 but encounter finance difficulties. A total of upto 5 full student pass or equivalent of day pass will be granted.

Selection criteria:
  • Serious harp students and under full time education who have demonstrated their aspiration in harp study journey
  • Encounter family financial difficulties, please understand the WHC is non-profit and our resources are limited
  • Must be HK resident
Application process:
  1. Write a letter which shall include, your harp learning journey, you aspiration of learning the harp and your achievement so far. Please also justify why you would require a financial scholarship. You may include a youtube link of the harp playing.
  2. Please include the nomination from your harp teacher and your school music teacher
  3. Your application shall also include the following information:-
    • Name, phone number, email address, date of birth, your current school
    • Reference letter 1: harp teacher’s name, contact phone number, email address and signature
    • Reference letter 2: music teacher’s name, contact phone number, email address and signature
  4. Please include the proof 1). on your harp learning achievement and also the financial justification.
  5. Indication of application for full pass or 2-day pass (if 2-day pass, please state the date).
  6. Those who have already registered would not be eligible for the scholarship.
  7. The Organizing Committee of the WHC2017 reserves full and final discretion on the decision and selection.
  8. Please email to by June 10, 2017. Successful applicants will be informed by June 20, 2017.



  • 豎琴學生和全日制學生,表現出他們在豎琴學習中的努力,熱誠 及爱好
  • 家庭經濟困難,WHC是非牟利性的,我們資源有限,此項獎學金是為經濟困難的學生而設立
  • 必須是香港居民
  1. 寫一封信,其中包括介紹你的豎琴學習旅程,你的豎琴夢和你目前的學習成就。請說明你需要獎學金的理由。您可以寄上一段演奏豎琴的YouTube鏈接。
  2. 請包括你的豎琴老師和你的學校音樂老師的提名
  3. 包括以下資料:
    • 姓名,電話號碼,電子郵件地址,出生日期,現在的學校
    • 提名信1:豎琴教師姓名,聯繫電話,電郵地址和簽名
    • 提名信件2:音樂教師的姓名,聯繫電話號碼,電郵地址和簽名
  4. 請包括證明1)- 你的豎琴學習成就和經濟困難。
  5. 申請全周通行證或2天通行證(如果2天通行證,請注明日期)。
  6. 已經註冊的人仕不符合獎學金資格。
  7. WHC2017組委會對決策和選擇保留全面,最終的酌處權。
  8. 請於2017年6月10日前發送至。2017年6月20日之前通知成功的申請者。